Kenny Leu


Kenny Leu


Gohan - Dragonball Z: Light of Hope (Robot Underdog)

NCIS, The Player, Scream, Zoo


Kenny Leu was born in Taipei, but bred in the Bay Area.

Growing up in a modest Chinese household, Kenny thought his life would be simple: work hard, make a living, and make his parents proud. After earning his Mechanical Engineering degree from UC Berkeley, he focused on his first passion, tech startups to change the world. He would go on to help found venture-backed startups in law & education in Silicon Valley. With two successes on his belt, he decided to leave it all behind to pursue his second passion. Today, Kenny is an international actor, working in Los Angeles, New York, China, and Brazil. His mission is to create authentic films that promote positive images of Chinese culture.

Kenny will soon make his big-screen lead debut with Midway (dir. Roland Emmerich) - where he plays a heroic young schoolteacher in China during WWII. He will also lead the indie drama A Shot Through the Wall (dir. Aimee Long) - where he plays a Chinese cop in NYC, caught in the aftermath of a patrol gone wrong. Both releasing in 2019.

Fans all over the world recognize him as "Gohan" on Dragonball Z: Light of Hope, and the passionate "Ben" from Kat Loves LA. He has also worked on multiple television shows: The Long Road Home, NCIS, & The Player, to name a few.

Outside of acting, he was a member of the United States Wushu team from 2010 - 2012 (Chinese martial arts, specializing in open hand, Chinese broadsword, and staff), winning medals all over the world. Having been born in Taiwan, he also speaks fluent Mandarin.


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Andrew Ooi @ Echelon Talent Management
1 604 689 3639

Sara Schedeen @ BRS / Gage
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2018 Kenny Leu Acting Reel

The Long Road Home, NatGeo

Dragon Ball Z 2017

The Player, NBC 2015

NCIS, NBC 2015


Superhero Fighting

Chinese Staff Demo

Hand to hand, gunplay, swords




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