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Kenny Leu


Gohan - Dragonball Z: Light of Hope (Robot Underdog)

NCIS, The Player, Scream, Zoo


Hey there.  Welcome to my website!  

I am Kenny Leu, an Asian-American actor in Los Angeles, CA.  I am known for playing the romantic lead, but also the charming action hero.

I am about creating positive images of Asians in media.  For a long time, I saw myself as lesser, because of the way my race was widely represented, and thus perceived by so many people.  It was an odyssey for me to step out from under that terrible shadow.

I see many of my fellows still struggling with the same lack of self-esteem.  I hope to change that, so that they don't also almost resign to that false, unfair prejudice.

I dedicate my career to the awakening, growth and empowerment of my Asian brothers (and by extension, sisters!), who otherwise would never have given themselves a chance to be more.

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See you around ;)

- Kenny


KENNY LEU was born in Taiwan, but grew up in the Bay Area.  

He embodies the Asian-American experience.  Growing up in a modest immigrant household, Kenny aspired to the American dream: making his fortune, and settling down to have a family.  After earning a Mechanical Engineering degree from UC Berkeley, he worked as a professional consultant, then helped to found a Silicon Valley startup, which was successfully sold in 2013.  His fortune made at 27, he realized that he can give most by diving headlong into representing Asian Americans on TV & film.  He soon started work as a professional actor.

Kenny moved to Hollywood in 2014, bringing his drive and sensibility.  Familiar with what it’s like to have modest means, he now seeks to empower those around him by representing the misrepresented.

He is best known for playing the romantic lead, but also the charming action hero.  He has won many awards and accolades for his work on independent films.  For the big stuff, look for him on INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (2016), and on TV shows like NCIS, THE PLAYER, ZOO, and SCREAM.  On the web, he is well-known for playing Gohan on Robot Underdog's Dragonball Z: Light of Hope.

Outside of acting, he was a member of the United States Wushu team from 2010 - 2012 (Chinese martial arts, specializing in open hand, Chinese broadsword, and staff), winning medals all over the world.  Having been born in Taiwan, he also speaks fluent Mandarin.



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Andrew Ooi @ Echelon Talent Management
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Sara Schedeen @ BRS / Gage
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Here are a few select clips of my work.  More available below, and upon request!


#1. Action, Scoundrel - THE PLAYER


#2. Hero, Action - NCIS


#3. Villain, Chinese - BLANK


I was on the United States Wushu team from 2010-2012.  I competed in tournaments all over the world from Mexico to Turkey, representing the United States, placing 2nd and 3rd (Pan-America tournament) in open hand, broadsword & staff.  This led to many roles featuring action choreography.  Since retiring from wushu, I have expanded into many other forms of combat: kickboxing, boxing, katana, etc.

Chinese Staff Demo


Hand to Hand


Hand to hand, gunplay, swords



Romantic Lead - from "Ten Goodbyes" (FULL, 2015)


Cold Gangster - from "Blank" (FULL, 2010)

CIA Officer Kenny Yong - clip from "NCIS" (CBS, 2015)

Desperate Actor - from "Acting Job" (2013)

Funny Stud - from "Steam Room Stories" (FULL, 2015)

IT Tech - clip from "Scream" (MTV, 2015)

Theatrical Sizzle Reel 2014

Action Reel 2014 - from "Love Hurts" (2014)

Action Comedy Romantic Lead - from "Love Hurts" (2014)

Japanese Pilot - clip from "Zoo" (CBS, 2015)

Kabuki Mob Boss - from "Pistol of the Forgiven" (FULL, 2013)

Badass - from "Nocturne" (FULL, 2012)

Grieving son - from "Self Portrait" (FULL, 2012)

Bad Kung Fu Boss - from Hippy Ninja (FULL, 2011)

Overblown Video Game Character - from "Streets of Double Raging Love (FULL, 2011)