Kenny Leu


Kenny Leu


Gohan - Dragonball Z: Light of Hope (Robot Underdog)

NCIS, The Player, Scream, Zoo


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  • BOOKED a spec commercial, but turned it down due to conflicts


  • had my fourth national TV appearance, for THE PLAYER
  • FILMED for my first big self-produced web series, MUNKEY IN THE CITY, Season 1
  • BOOKED the lead role on DBZ: LIGHT OF HOPE.  Its pilot episode has 20 MILLION VIEWS!
  • Mark Pfeffer moves away, Greg Wapnick steps in as my new manager at Luber Roklin


  • Sara Schedeen officially moves to BRS / Gage.  I join her
  • PINNED for my first recurring guest star on AMERICAN HORROR STORY, but didn't get it
  • had my third national TV appearance, for NCIS
  • PLAY DATE shown at the LA International Short Film Festival
  • More filming for THE PLAYER


  • BOOKED my second guest star role for THE PLAYER as WEI, a Triad leader
  • LOVE HURTS premieres at HollyShorts Film Festival
  • FILMED for WTF
  • BOOKED a lead role in a comedy feature, WORLD THUMB WRESTLING FEDERATION


  • had my second national TV appearance, for SCREAM
  • FILMED for NCIS in Los Angeles
  • had my first national TV appearance when ZOO aired
  • BOOKED my first guest star role for NCIS as KENNY YONG, an undercover CIA agent


  • BOOKED my third Equity play SPARKLES & THE BLACK WEEPING WOMAN by Alicia Madrid.  With Macha Theater
  • FILMED for INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE in New Mexico.  After my short scene, they wrote me more and kept me an extra day!
  • FILMED for SCREAM in New Orleans


  • BOOKED my first major feature film INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE as PING LI, a space pilot.  They wrote me a bigger part than what I originally auditioned for!
  • BOOKED my second national TV co-star role for SCREAM as an IT TECH on MTV
  • auditioned for, and selected to be an actor on STEAM ROOM STORIES
  • OCCUPATION is Stage Raw's Pick of the Week!


  • Performances for OCCUPATION, with Sacred Fools Theater


  • my improv team, "The Weekend Cowboys" has their first show at The Clubhouse
  • FILMED for ZOO in New Orleans
  • FILMED my first self-produced short, TEN GOODBYES


  • BOOKED my first national TV co-star role for ZOO as a JAPANESE PILOT on CBS
  • Manager - Mark Pfeffer @ Luber Roklin Entertainment
  • BOOKED my second Equity play, OCCUPATION by Ken Ferrigni.  A sex-starved megalomanic governing Florida, for China.  With Sacred Fools Theater
  • LOVE HURTS is screened at Mann's Chinese Theater for Hollyshorts.  It wins the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD!


  • 2nd 2nd AD for PHD THE MOVIE 2 by Jorge Cham
  • FILMED a small speaking role for PHD THE MOVIE 2, as RECRUITER.



  • BOOKED a play called HOW I FELL IN LOVE by Joel Fields.  A surgeon who is also a playboy.  With Collaborative Artists' Ensemble


  • BOOKED a short film, PLAY DATE.  A supporting character, as police officer



  • FILMED a Chinese action short film, DRIFT AWAY, as the lead.  A man on a rampage


  • Moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time